Houston Inpatient Addiction Treatment

What is inpatient addiction treatment like?

A Houston inpatient addiction treatment program or any inpatient addiction treatment program for that matter, specifically refers to entering a facility where you will live for a short period of time, during which a care team of doctors, therapists, and other professionals will help treat your addiction. Inpatient care is recommended for cases when the addiction has become too strong for basic outpatient care or when your home life is too unstable to support your recovery. The goal of inpatient care is to provide a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for you so that you can begin the process of detox and recovery.

Choosing drug and alcohol inpatient treatment is particularly valuable if you have an addiction to a substance that has harmful withdrawal effects. Your care team can supervise those critical first days of detox so that you are safe and comfortable. After that, your experience will vary based on the facility you select. In general, you are likely to have individual and/or group therapy sessions, which will build your coping skills and stress-reduction techniques so you will be less likely to turn to the substance you have abused in difficult times. Therapy can also help address any other mental health concerns that you might have.

You may also talk to a case worker or social worker who can guide you toward key resources and programs. These might be aimed at treating your addiction, such as finding ways to get health insurance coverage, or at stabilizing your situation by connecting you with a home or a job. Each inpatient facility has its own approach and style. If you don’t find the right fit on your first try, it doesn’t mean that inpatient care has failed to work. Don’t give up; a good inpatient stay can build the foundation for your entire recovery.

If you or someone you know is considering drug and alcohol inpatient treatment, please give us a call at (866) 271-6656 so that our addiction specialists can inform you about your options. Our mission is to connect you with the resources you need to overcome your addiction. We can also help answer any questions you might have about substance abuse recovery and related topics.

Why seek inpatient addiction treatment?

Inpatient care is an intense form of drug detox paired with drug abuse recovery support. It is not the opposite of outpatient care. In fact, the two are often used together in addiction treatment; you might start out in an inpatient facility and then transition out to the community and to outpatient treatment.

Inpatient care is important because it delivers a supervised and comprehensive oversight structure to support your care. This significantly cuts down on temptation and access to the substance that caused you trouble. Moreover, at an inpatient program, you will have closer access to medical staff and therapists who can perform crisis intervention or other direct support.

It is common for people to experience strong withdrawal symptoms during inpatient addiction treatment. Because you are in a facility, you will have staff keeping a close eye on your health and safety, and it will be much harder for you to self-medicate with another substance.

There is also the possibility you will undergo a complete physical checkup and receive treatment for other related medical concerns you might have. Many people struggling with substance abuse in Houston have concurrent physical or mental conditions, and treating them will make it easier to overcome an addiction. If you think that you might be in need of drug and alcohol inpatient treatment, we can help you learn about the providers and centers that will work best for your particular drug addiction recovery. Speak live to an addiction professional today at (866) 271-6656 for more information.

Life after inpatient addiction treatment

Some people avoid inpatient stays because they have trouble seeing past the experience of the stay to the benefits that persist afterward. Going through inpatient substance abuse treatment is an important step in your recovery journey. After your inpatient stay, care does not end. Instead, you will move back out into the community and start the next stage of treatment. This will often involve follow-up care at an outpatient center of some kind.

An inpatient stay is meant to set you up for subsequent treatments by overseeing care during the immediate priorities of drug detox and then laying the foundation for what is to come. Do not be concerned if you have to enter inpatient addiction treatment more than once. Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment is a resource that is available to you when you need it; it’s not a one-time intervention. As you continue your recovery journey, you may experience setbacks and obstacles. This process is not linear nor a straightforward march from addiction to being cured. Instead, you may find yourself needing different resources at different points in your life. Inpatient stays are just one element of that care network.

Inpatient drug rehab is a powerful tool to help you kick-start your recovery and get the treatment you need. We can tell you everything you need to know about care facilities or any other aspect of drug and alcohol inpatient treatment. Your own past experience with inpatient treatment, your history with substance use, and other factors indicate what will be the most effective type of treatment for your particular case. Our Addiction Specialists are experienced at finding the best fit for people. If you have any questions at all about the process, call our addiction specialists today at (866) 271-6656 to get answers.

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