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Drug Rehab Houston provides valuable information on the various drug and alcohol addiction treatment services that are available to residents of Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.

Drug addiction is a disease that is best addressed with some form of drug and alcohol inpatient treatment. The primary reason that drug treatment is so important when you’re addicted to a substance is because addiction changes the makeup of your brain. It challenges your self-control and reduces your ability to resist the urges that come with taking the drug. Your brain may manifest unpleasant symptoms when it is not given its drug of choice. The problem with drug use, even when done for medical purposes, is that your body may become increasingly dependent on the drug as you continue to use it.

Addiction can begin in many ways. Long-term use of opioid pain medication for an injury or illness can pose an addiction risk. You may come from a family with a history of drug use and easy access. You may begin taking substances to cope with the stress of a difficult life. You may have a peer group that is experimenting with drug use. While some people will be able to stop taking drugs before they interfere with their responsibilities, others will find themselves losing control. It is not fully understood why some people develop addictions and others do not, but genetics and environmental factors both play a part.

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Finding help for drug addiction

Finding the right program for drug rehab is easier than it seems. You have several options at your disposal, including inpatient substance abuse treatment. Inpatient substance abuse treatment is a comprehensive treatment option that allows you to stay in a residential treatment facility for a period of at least 30 days, though treatment can last for as long as it takes for you to recover from your addiction.

If you enter an inpatient addiction treatment facility, you’ll first go through what is known as alcohol detox or drug detox. This detoxification process is designed to help you get through the withdrawal symptoms that occur when you suddenly stop taking a drug. It takes a while for your brain to recalibrate itself after the drug has been fully cleared from your system. While these withdrawal symptoms can be severe, a drug or alcohol detox program in an inpatient treatment facility may include the administering of medications to keep the symptoms at bay. This will allow you to safely rid the substance from your body with regular medical monitoring.

Once this process has been completed, you will go through a selection of behavioral therapies. These include everything from individual sessions, to group counseling, to family therapy. The behavioral therapies you go through largely depend on how your recovery is progressing. With time, you’ll begin to experience a fulfilling life without drugs. Even after leaving treatment, you’ll be provided with long-term support to ensure that you don’t relapse. If you’re in Houston and looking for the right addiction treatment program, Drug Rehab Houston can help. Call our addiction specialists today at (866) 271-6656.


How we can help

As the intermediary between you and the available treatment programs, our knowledgeable addiction specialists can help you gain a better understanding of the different options at hand, such as inpatient drug rehab. We’ll look at your exact needs so that we can assist you in identifying the addiction treatment program that works best for you.

We can discuss your drugs of choice, age, gender, and circumstances like faith and mental health diagnoses. These factors can help to determine the best treatment strategy for you.

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Using Drug Rehab Houston will allow you to find suitable treatment programs without needing to guess which option you should choose. We can completely take the guesswork out of this process. We look forward to helping you locate the right treatment for your specific addiction.

We strive to provide you with the information you need to take the next step. If you are looking for a comforting ear and additional advice, our addiction treatment specialists are only a phone call away at (866) 271-6656.

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